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New MV "Mei" is So f...... HOT!!!

I'm burning... I need the fire fighters!!
Can't wait for the complete MV, I love the song so much!

Wait.... wait... do you really think I call those pictures HOT? Leehom in nice white suit, Leehom with sun-glasses and weird fur coat, Leehom in front of piano ... are those what I call HOT? LOL!! of course he's hot.. he's looking hot in every possible and impossible way to me... but those are not the ones I call HOT.

What I meant is the MV. I have the pleasure of capturing the images of the 90' MV of "Mei" and .. won't you all agree that .. the MV is HOT????

Seeing is believing ...

Personal note:
The girl is not too pretty ... *oops* sorry no offense, but I got this idea that actually Leehom intentionally picked "not too pretty" girls for his HOT MV. He seldom does hot scenes with his MV female co-stars. Other MVs are romantic and the female co-stars are all so pretty.. Shangrila, Heartbeat, Forever Love.. all are pretty, including Shu Qi in First Morning MV. I notice so far only "Kiss Goodbye" and this new song "Mei" where he did some hot scenes.

In "Kiss Goodbye" MV, he had to kiss the girl and I read that he personally picked his own co-star for the MV. Second is this "Mei". I wonder if he also chose himself. Whatever. That girl was just so lucky to get Leehom laid his hands on her. LOL!!!!


Rebecca said...

white everything ... wou wou wou ... he's totally dazzling ... very handsome ...

emajanti said...

Actually, he's so skinny and not that handsome anymore now :(

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