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Leehom at KangXi 2010

All Chinese speaking fans were so excited about the show. The taping was done like almost 1-2 weeks ago, but it was aired on July 28, 2010.

Aaarrgggghhhh...... if only I knew why they're all so excited ..  coz, I dont understand a single thing they're talking about in the video. I can only drool over his handsome face .....

Video were uploaded into 7 parts. ENJOY!

Vid 1

Vid 2 | Vid 3 | Vid 4 | Vid 5 | Vid 6 | Vid 7

Taipei Album Preorder

Sun, July 25. Leehom Wang held a pre-order signing event for his upcoming album, “18 Martial Arts”, at Ximending. Heavy rain began to fall unexpectedly and two thousand fans at the event became impatient and rowdy and shouted their dissatisfaction toward the media journalists for interviewing Leehom for too long.

It’s been a year and a half since his last album, and “18 Martial Arts” is set to release on July 31st. Fans of Mainland China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and other places came to show their support for the superstar, but they were all soaked in rain.

The event was originally scheduled to begin at 3pm. Leehom was ten minutes late, but he immediately performed his new single, “Firewood, Rice, Oil, Salt, Soy Sauce, Vinegar, Tea”, as he dashed on stage. The fans in the rain screamed in excitement upon seeing their idol. Leehom’s good friend, Vivian Hsu, who wrote the lyrics for his latest single, also specially flew back from Japan to show her support. She gave Leehom a high-heel shoe shaped telephone as a gift and laughed, “He always busies himself with his fans and music. I’m giving him this, hoping that he can soon find a woman that will care about him and cook good things for him to eat.”

During the interview time, thirty different media crowded the stage, and two journalists quarreled due to fighting for room. The organizers immediately tried to settle the fight, but not just the journalists were heated, the fans below the stage also grew impatient waiting for the media to finish interviewing Leehom. As the media blocked the fans’ view, the fans shouted angrily, “I can’t see!”, “Be considerate of those who are actually in the rain!” And some even shouted, “bullshit!” The fans finally calmed down after Leehom, a little embarrassed, consoled, “It’ll (the interview) be done in another minute.”

Source: Appledaily
Written n Translated by: fufu on 7/25/2010 @


More Pictures from Our Home China, click on the picture.

China Daily News

25 July 2010
American-born idol Wang Lee-hom's directorial debut is about to hit the screens with a little help from his friends, Liu Wei reports

In the opening scene of Love in Disguise, singer / songwriter Wang Lee-hom's directorial debut, the protagonist, a superstar, hits a paparazzo who has been bombarding him with questions about his girlfriend.

"Hit a paparazzo? No, I would not do that! That's what they want for the next day's headline," Wang laughs.

But, perhaps a secret desire? He smiles, "yeah ..."

"But I will not let them win," the 34-year-old star adds quickly. "I will give them the most official answer I can think of."

With looks as impressive as his Musical Talent, he has been given the title "perfect Idol", but it is not something he is comfortable with.

"I really want to know what is perfect about me?" He says.

He describes himself as rebellious, but believes the most rebellious thing he did was to persuade his father that he wanted to be a musician, not a doctor.

Born to a family of doctors in New York, he returned to Taiwan in 1995 to release his debut album after years of formal training at Williams College, and Berklee College of Music in Massachusetts. His parents are much more understanding about his job now, and Wang says he will invite his parents to watch the film.

When Wang was shooting a scene in a stadium earlier this year, he did not know his mother was sitting in the auditorium, watching him commanding some 4,000 extras with a loudspeaker. She left without any notice, but called him later to say: "Hard work and well done."

"They worried I would have no job when I stepped into this industry, but now they worry I have too many jobs," he says.

Adept in various musical instruments from piano to the erhu, he has never been afraid to break boundaries. His 20-odd albums explore Eastern and Western musical elements from rock to Peking Opera. Now he has tried his hand at filmmaking.

In Love in Disguise, which premieres on Aug 12, he stars as a superstar who disguises himself as a student in a music school to pursue the woman he loves.

"I do have wigs and a fake beard at home," Wang says. "Sometimes I also put on make-up when I go for a date or something." However, most of the time he prefers to be a "home boy", staying in his music studio at home for days, not shaving or showering, "like a mad scientist".

In the film he successfully escapes from the entertainment scene and leads a different life, but in reality he relishes new challenges.

The American-born singer was not an expert in writing in Chinese, he struggled through 54 drafts of the script, with generous advice from Wang Hui-ling, writer of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and Chen Kuo-fu, writer and director of The Message.

He acted in Ang Lee's 2007 movie Lust, Caution and took heart from Lee's words of encouragement. "I remember Lee told me that if you really believe in something, it will happen," Wang says. He says that he also learnt from Lee to have the courage to touch a new topic and become an expert by learning. "Lee didn't know much about cowboys, but he was able to make Brokeback Mountain, and he even made Sense and Sensibility!"

Before making the film Wang watched many movies such as Mulan and Eddie Murphy's Coming to America, and noted their jokes and structures. He also spent several months sitting down with artists to make a storyboard of all the scenes before filming started in February. 

When he began filming he remembered the example set by Jackie Estate. Internet acted in Estate's Little Big Soldier. On the first day of the shoot, Estate used a Loudspeaker to tell the crew that they could not do any harm to the Forest where they were filming. And when they left, the location should be clean. "Chan told us that even if it was a rubbish hill when we arrived, we must ensure it was clean when we finished. I told my crew the same thing," he says.

After the post-production on Disguise was finished, Wang took the first copy on the plane to Beijing and handed it to the heads of the distribution company himself. At the company's test screening, he watched his work in a cinema for the first time. "I tried to imagine myself as an ordinary filmgoer, one watching a film with popcorn in hands," he says. "And I finally felt relaxed the moment it finished - it's really not bad."

Wang is not the first singer to make a film. Taiwan pop singer Jay Chou directed a tragic love story named Secret in 2007, which was popular with both viewers and critics. The two idols are always compared. Both are Asian heartthrobs, both found fame when young and both like to fuse Chinese and Western music. Now they have both tested their talent for filmmaking.

"I am not following anyone," Wang says. "I just want to be a versatile artist."

Have You Ever?

> Please pause Leehom's Song Playlist on the side bar to listen to Brandy's song <

Song by Brandy, watch in YouTube

Have you ever loved somebody so much
It makes you cry
Have you ever needed something so bad
You can't sleep at night
Have you ever tried to find the words
But they don't come out right
Have you ever, have you ever

Have you ever been in love
Been in love so bad
You'd do anything to make them understand
Have you ever had someone steal your heart away
You'd give anything to make them feel the same
Have you ever searched for words to get you in their heart
But you don't know what to say
And you don't know where to start

Have you ever found the one
You've dreamed of all of your life
You'd do just about anything to look into their eyes
Have you finally found the one you've given your heart to
Only to find that one won't give their heart to you
Have you ever closed your eyes and
Dreamed that they were there
And all you can do is wait for the day when they will care

What do I gotta do to get you in my arms baby
What do I gotta say to get to your heart
To make you understand how I need you next to me
Gotta get you in my world
'Cuz baby I can't sleep

Leehom Facebook's Chat

On Jul 23, 1030PM (Jakarta Time) Leehom had a live chat on his Facebook with his fans.

I didn't plan to write this. But hey.. I have a blog, rite? And a blog means to share what I experienced... which was not much.. lol. So let's skip all the pre-chat.. and go directly to 10.30PM minus 3 hours... this part was important, coz I was so grateful that I had nice friends who're willing to wake me me to join the chat. Thank you and love you, friends :))

And I'm not gonna put what he wrote, you can easily go to his facebook and read them yourself. I thank you to Leehom for writing them in English, so I don't have to use "my beloved" Google Translator. lol.

I only had a few interesting parts to share... well, if you dont find them interesting, at least you know they were.... to me.

1. my friends and I were having fun at our own YM chat during the live chat with Leehom. Susi, Julia, Rebecca, Devi (who didn't comment anything coz I guess she's not Leehom's fan), and me. It was funny that Susi, whom I thought to be the biggest Leehom fans compared to the others, suddenly wrote: "I got to go for a shower." OMG ... she didn't care what Leehom would write next not even care whether Leehom was still gonna be there when she finished the shower. It's so Susi. Logic comes first. Or... could it be that she wanted to smell good during the chat. HAHAHAHA....

2. It was fun, because all I did  was just pressing F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 on his wall. LOL. Of course I posted a few too, but I knew this time he will not reply to any of us.

3. I got a fan.. well at least that's what I thought so.. coz he gave his thumbs to 2 of my posts. LOL. When I took a peek on his FB wall.. he's from Memphis, Tennessee. I don't remember I have a friend who live that far.... :D

4. Now, come to the most important part. Leehom shares a 49sec of his new song! "All the Things You Never Knew", that's the title. It was soooooooooo (I can add to more than a million "o", but my blog will look ugly, lol)... ooooooo beautiful. I really can't describe how I love the new song sooooooo (here we go again, lol) oooo much! And lucky me, I have downloaded the song immediately, coz after the chat Leehom deleted it. I was smart, wasn't I? heuheueheuee.... I know somebody else, especially the China fans.. would just uploaded it right away, which they already had - I've checked.. but I chose to respect Leehom's decision and I will not share it in public. If you want it, just email me.. okay?

About the song... I'm still flying on high clouds enjoying the song... it was soooo (ok, enough! lol) beautiful. It doesn't sound like Leehom singing a chinese song to me. The soft sad voice, the melody... sounds so sad.. It sounds like Leehom singing in English. It's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (haha) beautiful.

So looking forward to his album. So looking forward to his movie. I think this year is gonna be a great year for Leehom and his fans. Love him soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (ROTFL) much!!

Leehom at Usher Concert

Beijing, 11 July 2010

Leehom did a short performance, sang "Wei Yi" together with Usher, and half part of "OMG" chorus. However... Leehom did look gorgeous and more handsome than Usher... haha lol! of course I'm biased... forgive me.

It's very hard to find the video of their performance in youtube, I only found very few. I saw some fans recorded clips at Our Home China, but I don't know how to transfer them here... so I just pasted the links below.

More video:  Vid 1Vid 2

Some pictures of the Yellow and Blue battle that night.

Cosmopolitan Wedding, Aug 2010

Cosmopolitan, China Aug 2010

I imagined someday Leehom is gonna marry a beautiful woman who is smart and hot. I can't think of this pretty Ms Liu YiFei to be his bride. I dont know.. I just think there's no chemistry between them. Hope they can proof me wrong in "Love in Disguise".

And for the record, I still love the idea of Leehom and SuQhi together.. they will be one perfect couple. But whoever he is marrying someday.. hope he can live a happy life with her.

These are not my fave pictures of Leehom but I think he made a sexy messy groom. My fave was the last picture. I love the gentle hair-kisses and Leehom's eyes there. I got this wild thought looking into that eyes, looked like he said to me: "I bet you want to be her". Yes, of course! Who the hell in the world doesn't!!

New Album PreOrder Signing Events

17 July 2010
- Taichung, 2PM
- Tainan, 7PM

Sharing some nice pictures from the events.
More pictures, click here and here

Nice Video of Leehom's performance.
source: Yenling Shen's FB

No Caption Needed, Just HA HA HA!!

Oh my Lady Gaga!!! ROFTL ... and died!

This was taken for a shooting of "Happy Camp". I dont know when it will be aired but I think the show is gonna be super hilarious. Hope somebody upload it later in youtube and put an English Sub *fingers crossed*


Leehom's New Song "Daily Ingredients"

Leehom Brings You Simple Happiness

Back in 2008, Leehom Wang brought us his innermost thoughts through his "Heart Beat" album. At the end of this month, on the 30th, Leehom will be returning to his musical roots with a brand new album, "十八般武艺" (Roughly translates to: Eighteen Types of Martial Arts). However, before that, he will be releasing the MV of the album's title song, "柴米油鹽醬醋茶," (Idiom roughly meaning: Daily Necessities) for broadcast onto 12 online sites, including Youtube and Facebook, on the 12th. For this song, he collaborated with Vivian Hsu to paint a picture of simple and ordinary happiness.

Having dabbled as a movie director, Leehom placed even higher demands on the quality of the MV. Besides spending NT$2,000,000, hiring 30 staff members, renting professional movie cameras, and using 35mm film for shooting, he also personally demonstrated how to walk into place and speak the lines. In one kitchen scene, "Director Wang" personally went into battle and picked up the knife and saucepan, bringing out the rare sight of him at home.

In the year and a half since Leehom came out with an album, he has been pursuing his directing dream. Day and night, he planned for his self-directed and self-starred movie, "Love in Disguise." However, while he was working on every aspect of the movie, he could not disregard his duties as an Asian superstar. He had to promote his album overseas, make his Music-Man concert rounds, act in "Little Big Soldier," promote the movie, be the spokesperson for advertisements, and prepare for his new album. Bustling to and fro, there was no time for him to rest. Thus, he decided to used an ancient saying: "早晨開門七件事─柴米油鹽醬醋茶" (Roughly translates to: The seven things needed when opening the door in the morning - firewood, rice, oil, salt, paste, vinegar, tea) to describe his busy entertainment career and the feeling of his heart's longing to return to the ordinary.

From his baby nephew growing up to his friends getting married and starting families, these are things Leehom can only hear of, but not experience it himself. Others are busy towards advancing their lives, while he is busy working towards his dream. Year after year, there is always a new dream waiting for him to pursue. When his mother went to Taipei to visit him, all she could do was watch him working from behind. Hurrying here and there, Leehom forgot to pour his mother a cup of tea and could not settle down enough for a good meal with her. Sometimes when he worked, he didn't even spare her a glance from start to end. Even after he heard the door close, it wasn't until much later before he realized: she had already left.

Pursuing a dream requires paying a high price, but his family has supported him since the beginning. That kind of acceptance suddenly made him feel of twinge of guilt. On a morning when he was trying to relax himself, despite his mind still working away searching for inspiration for an album, he saw the quiet and lonely kitchen of his own home. There was a stove that had only been used to boil water and never used oil, salt, rice, vinegar, sauces... He wrote down this song starting from the thirst of his heart. He knows that there are many people like him, pursuing their dreams, forever running without stop. He knows that the world is already flowing quickly -- no one can calm down their hearts to listen to a simple story.

As a result, he wanted, even more, to use a simple title song to share happiness -- to give you a warm embrace. With its simple warm melody, the song, flavored with an erhu accompanying the guitar, brings the feeling of an ancient place hidden in a remote area -- a simple yet meaningful taste of ordinary happiness. Through this song, he wants to tell everyone that he is like everyone else, working hard to live, working hard to find his own happiness, working hard as a person pursing his dream. There might be tears and separations in the process, but he has always believe that everyone will find their place. He wishes to tell everyone that to pursue a dream in life is very important, but you should also cherish the people around you. And, more importantly, happiness is not far away, it's right in front of you as long as you know how to treasure it.

Simple happiness hides in every drop of daily life waiting for you to taste.

The pre-order version of the album comes with a "Home Love" molded key, bearing Leehom's signature, of your choosing. This key is made from a real key mold. Leehom hopes that when you meet the right person in your life, you can give this key to the other. It represents a family, a room, and a heart wishing for another to come open. And, together, make the promise of happiness.

Click here to see the preorder gifts

English Lyrics Translation
Credit to: 

When you were young, what did you want
I wanted a large blue airplane
To take me around the world
To every corner of the earth
Going back and forth among the white clouds in the blue sky

And after I grew up, what did I want
I wanted a tiny red answering machine
To record together with you
Hello, we are not home right now
The blue turned into red because of you

Firewood, rice, oil, salt, paste, vinegar, tea
Every single drop is happiness sprouting
The crescent moon shines over love's foolishness
I lack nothing when I have you

When you were young, what did you want
I wanted a large blue airplane
To bring me around the world
To every corner of the earth
Going back and forth among the white clouds in the blue sky

Oh, after I grew up, what did I want
I wanted a tiny red answering machine
To record together with you
Hello, we are not home right now
The blue turned into red because of you

Firewood, rice, oil, salt, paste, vinegar, tea
Every single drop is happiness sprouting
The crescent moon shines over love's foolishness
I lack nothing when I have you

Providing you with happiness whether it's day or night
Grasping both hands tightly even if it's windy and rainy
I just want you
Want you to stay by my side
Protecting you eternally

Firewood, rice, oil, salt, paste, vinegar, tea
Every single drop is happiness budding
The crescent moon watches over love's foolishness
I lack nothing when I have you

The crescent moon shines over love's foolishness
There is no reason
To live so complicated
I lack nothing when I have you
Stay tuned as we keep you updated with Leehom's newest album from his heart.

I'm gonna do my own review of the song. Stay tune.

Video: Usher Press Conference

Usher and Leehom were exchanging gifts and Leehom taught Usher few chinese words.
Is it me or ... I heard the people cheered louder for Leehom :)

Some Screen Caps from the Vid (sina)
Leehom's Gifts: CD/DVD (I think it's MusicMan Concert DVD) and his MusicMan hat
Usher's Gifts: Sunglasses and a "USHER" perfume

Source: sina and our home china

Leehom's NEW ALBUM has Arrived!!

Yaay... hurray.....!!!!!
The long awaiting is now finally almost over :)

source: Sony Music Taiwan

Album name : 十八般武藝  
Direct English translation is "To Be Versatile"
Release Date : 30 July 2010

The pre-order gifts.
I love to have those 2 keys....

Teaser of the song

Yellow - Green - Red

If you're wondering why suddenly the header was changed to that colorful traffic light... well, it's not only because I felt a little bored with grey, but also I wanted my blog to look more alive. When we're in love.. our life is supposed to be more colorful, rite?

And, I have just found out an interesting fact about Wang Leehom name. I dont know how accurate my thought was, but let's give it a shot.

The pronunciation of Wang Lee Hom in Chinese is almost similar to the meaning of those 3 colors:

Huang ==> Yellow
Lu       ==> Green
Hong   ==> Red

Another proof?

Stay tune, I may have the inspiration to find out why Leehom can be my personal Traffic Light.

The picture of "HOM" Signboard above is credit to Our Home China

Leehom as the Sole GuestStar at Usher's Beijing Concert

Leehom was appointed as the only guest star at Usher Beijing Concert, 11 July 2010. The news said, Usher did some homework to find more information on Leehom, he appraised Leehom's constant pursue of blending West and East music and respect Leehom's value towards the environment. And Usher is very serious and cares a lot about this performance, he specially sent a video of his rehearsal in the States to Leehom, hoping to strike some chemistry with him on their first collaboration.

Previously, there were some other singers listed, big names such as Jay Chou, David Tao, Will Pan, Han Gend (sorry, I dont know who are the last two).. but now it's confirmed that it will be "only Leehom" * hey! it sounds familiar! Sorry lame joke.. LOL*

I said it's a pretty amazing opportunity for Leehom to bring his music to the world. It is his dream that the world knows more about Chinese music, and it is my dream to see Leehom in an international spotlight, broader that it is right now. Leehom deserves it.

I'm just dying to find out ... what Leehom songs that Usher listened to and what songs that Leehom will sing in the concert.

source: cpopaccess & AF (Gibberish)

Leehom at Uno Magz Cover July 2010

Oh.. forgive me for just doing "copy and paste" 
well, what can I say... I just can't resist his charms :)

Thanks to Our Home China for the pictures

Too Much Imagination

Notice anything's suspicious from the picture??

No? okay.. let's take a look a little closer

now you see it, rite?
Let me now stop here to allow your imagination go beyond...

For those who are having problem with eyes and imagination (haha),
click here for a little help.

source: Our Home China

An Hour with Leehom

and I was totally being ignored.... LOL !!

note to readers: it's a long post, but you have to read until the very last picture... coz there are quiet surprises down there, including a bomb of the best comment ever!

I've waited days for the online chatting with Leehom. And after seeing this post today, I spent hours with faster heart beats, star-struck until now while writing this blog.

I can't remember how many comments I've posted.. not that many, I think. Coz not only that google translator was not so kind to me... I was kinda ashamed to myself too ... oh come on... competing with teens, strangers and non-english speaking fans, it was thousands people online... with less than 0.000000000001% of being noticed ?? I must be out of my mind.... I enjoyed every second of that 60 minutes.

And my heart was like stop beating when I saw the first line he posted .. as if he's talking to me... lol!

Not sure if he saw that he got hundred of comments in a minutes he posted, but he replied to his own post. Haha!

Then he asked the fans to ask him a question (I guess, coz i'm not quite sure that's the correct translator). But before he waited for the questions, he then again... replied his own post. RFTL

But it's not Leehom if he's not adorable. He asked for some questions from everyone but when he got the questions, here what he had to say ... *hope he's not falling from his chair* LOL!

Honestly... I have no idea of what he's talking about

But then, the first lucky fan got his reply *envy envy envy*

Then he wrote another "alien" words again... :( I think I did some reply here and there, including the one asking him to also reply in English.. ) but yeaa.... I was totally ignored. LOL

and then.. a bit boring (only because I didn't understand of what they're talking about)

and then... viola! This post cheered me up.

Yaaay a picture! Better starring at his picture rather than frustrated because of that silly translation at my screen. But I was literally laughing out loud when I read his reply when someone said he got a stylish hair. OMG Leehom!! It's 4PM and you didn't take a bath since morning? Wonder how he smelt.. I dont mind to find out though .... LOL!!!

let's take a little more closer ... that messy hair, tired look.. he was sexy, but he's skinny :( and although I'm a fan of macho men, but damn.. he's just looking so good in that flowery tshirt. I was telling myself that I'd jumping like hell if it's an HP Laptop on his lap... LOL.

it went boring again....

Then... all had to come to an end. Leehom said bye bye..

I saw many tears and hearts icons in fans comments after that..
from David Beckham....

and even Brad Pitt cried.... bwahahaa

some desperations...

some shouts, just like Leehom was having a concert.. LOL

and a sweet goodbye note from me too..

okay okay... I lied. That wasn't my goodbye note...
it's not a goodbye without "I love you" and "bye bye" rite...?

So... that was it. Although I was totally being ignored.. again, I love every second of it... I was still in star struck now... LOL!

Okay, now here's the BOMB!
my fave post of them all was....... TARAMTAMTAM!!!

I was not gonna comment on that post except that I LOVE IT!! I love it so much that I was gonna cry .. coz I didn't really understand how I feel about that comment. It's true, it's so sweet and thoughtful, but it was also incredibly funny and brave.

Whoever and wherever you are Ms. OH_homgirlwen... I salute you... next time you meet Leehom, please also tell him to wear boxer underwear coz that is good for male fertility too... Oh! actually, the best way to stay fertile for man is ... not to wear any underwear at all. Tell that to Leehom! LOL!!!!!
onleehom 王力宏 | TNB