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An Hour with Leehom

and I was totally being ignored.... LOL !!

note to readers: it's a long post, but you have to read until the very last picture... coz there are quiet surprises down there, including a bomb of the best comment ever!

I've waited days for the online chatting with Leehom. And after seeing this post today, I spent hours with faster heart beats, star-struck until now while writing this blog.

I can't remember how many comments I've posted.. not that many, I think. Coz not only that google translator was not so kind to me... I was kinda ashamed to myself too ... oh come on... competing with teens, strangers and non-english speaking fans, it was thousands people online... with less than 0.000000000001% of being noticed ?? I must be out of my mind.... I enjoyed every second of that 60 minutes.

And my heart was like stop beating when I saw the first line he posted .. as if he's talking to me... lol!

Not sure if he saw that he got hundred of comments in a minutes he posted, but he replied to his own post. Haha!

Then he asked the fans to ask him a question (I guess, coz i'm not quite sure that's the correct translator). But before he waited for the questions, he then again... replied his own post. RFTL

But it's not Leehom if he's not adorable. He asked for some questions from everyone but when he got the questions, here what he had to say ... *hope he's not falling from his chair* LOL!

Honestly... I have no idea of what he's talking about

But then, the first lucky fan got his reply *envy envy envy*

Then he wrote another "alien" words again... :( I think I did some reply here and there, including the one asking him to also reply in English.. ) but yeaa.... I was totally ignored. LOL

and then.. a bit boring (only because I didn't understand of what they're talking about)

and then... viola! This post cheered me up.

Yaaay a picture! Better starring at his picture rather than frustrated because of that silly translation at my screen. But I was literally laughing out loud when I read his reply when someone said he got a stylish hair. OMG Leehom!! It's 4PM and you didn't take a bath since morning? Wonder how he smelt.. I dont mind to find out though .... LOL!!!

let's take a little more closer ... that messy hair, tired look.. he was sexy, but he's skinny :( and although I'm a fan of macho men, but damn.. he's just looking so good in that flowery tshirt. I was telling myself that I'd jumping like hell if it's an HP Laptop on his lap... LOL.

it went boring again....

Then... all had to come to an end. Leehom said bye bye..

I saw many tears and hearts icons in fans comments after that..
from David Beckham....

and even Brad Pitt cried.... bwahahaa

some desperations...

some shouts, just like Leehom was having a concert.. LOL

and a sweet goodbye note from me too..

okay okay... I lied. That wasn't my goodbye note...
it's not a goodbye without "I love you" and "bye bye" rite...?

So... that was it. Although I was totally being ignored.. again, I love every second of it... I was still in star struck now... LOL!

Okay, now here's the BOMB!
my fave post of them all was....... TARAMTAMTAM!!!

I was not gonna comment on that post except that I LOVE IT!! I love it so much that I was gonna cry .. coz I didn't really understand how I feel about that comment. It's true, it's so sweet and thoughtful, but it was also incredibly funny and brave.

Whoever and wherever you are Ms. OH_homgirlwen... I salute you... next time you meet Leehom, please also tell him to wear boxer underwear coz that is good for male fertility too... Oh! actually, the best way to stay fertile for man is ... not to wear any underwear at all. Tell that to Leehom! LOL!!!!!


joelliea said...

it's like attending a net conference from outer space, with little aliens as participants. how could you stand it? none of those words made any sense. well, except your goodbye note.

well done, google translator.

Emajanti said...

how could I stand it? actually, I wish there had been another hour or two... just being there, virtually connected... wishing that he'd reply to my post.... it was an un-describable feeling.

Even I understood like only 50-60% of it, it's way better than reading the chinese characters which I have 0% understanding, oh! I can only tell which one is his name. LOL!

so thank you, google translator :)

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