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HOT GOSSIP : Leehom's Girlfriend ?

*PING* - BBM from Susi: check out the link, HOT news on Leehom!! 

First-time movie director Leehom was caught behaving intimately with a woman in full public view at an event last month to celebrate the completion of his movie Love Announcement's shoot.

After the wrap party at Shanghai's Muse nightspot ended at around 6am, a tipsy-looking Leehom was seen throwing his arms around a fair-skinned woman, who looked to be around 30 years old. The two behaved as if they were unwilling to leave and clung onto each other for a while. He whispered into her ears and she returned the favour by holding his neck, before embracing him by the waist.

The good-looking singer-songwriter, one of the most coveted bachelors in the Mandopop scene, has previously been linked with singer A-mei, actress Shu Qi and his Lust, Caution co-star Tang Wei.

Leehom's agent responded on Monday that the woman in question is a film editor for Love Announcement who is married. She argued, "It wasn't intimate at all. Leehom says everyone is like comrades and possesses a special bond."

Love Announcement will be the 33-year-old Leehom's directorial debut. He stars in the NT$160 million (S$7 million) production opposite Chinese starlet Liu Yifei and Joan Chen, another Lust, Caution co-star.



emajanti said...

No picture? I want picture! I DEMAND to see her face! LOL LOL

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