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It is NOT Love at First Sight

So .. this was the first picture of Leehom that I saw and paid attention to. I was in a taxi in Taipei and saw this super duper huge billboard on the way back to hotel. The thing was, I was not his fan back then, I didn't even know who he was, so nothing special. It was just a huge billboard with a handsome face on it.

Today I'm glad that I didn't like him right away just by looking at his handsome face like that. Actually, I didn't think he was that handsome..

It's his songs, his voice, his works and sometimes I think it's also because that he sings in language I don't understand! LOL.

Anyway.. it's definitely not love at first sight.
It's a quality love, I must say :)

:: Forever Love ::
Loving you is not because of your beauty
I love you more and more...
Each expression in your eyes, touches my heart

Forever Love.. Forever Love
I only want to take my whole life to love you
From this day forward,
You will be all my reason for happiness

Lyric quoted from "Forever Love"
Album: Shangrila


Anonymous said...

me too...i don't understand what he singing because mandrin is not my mother tongue...i started to listen to his song when i was 9 years old...but i don't even know him....

onleehom 王力宏 | TNB